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Women Safety

Protection of women in India has become a crucial issue. We cannot assure the safety of the women nowadays because if we read a newspaper or go on social media, the news of girls getting raped by cab drivers, acid burning, child marriage, domestic violence, molestation is flooded from different parts of India. Such incidents have created fear and fright among young girls and women. They don’t feel safe in their own country. In rural areas, the conditions are worse where women are burned and killed by in-laws or tortured for dowry. Moreover, female infanticide is still practised in some remote areas.

women have the provision of equal rights; however, people violate such rights which causes crime against them. It is the pivotal issue that India is facing for a long time. Women have to think before stepping out of homes, regarding their clothes and the kind of lifestyle they seek. Due to the increasing violence, their minds are consumed by fear and fright, which affects their growth and development. Though the nation is developing in terms of economy, still in some places they do not receive the dignity and respect they deserve and often looked down. Each day, we hear and read a piece of new news about the terrible crimes against them.

The violence against women is mushrooming at an alarming rate every single day. Some of the expressions of violence are not considered crimes because of Indian culture and values. They go unreported and undocumented. Due to pervasive faulty justice system, there is no termination to such hideous crimes. The list of violence is huge and continue to grow long. Husbands and in-laws try to extort money or expensive valuables through dowry. If the wife fails to provide them with the things, they demand then they face continuous torture and harassment.

This results in wife committing suicide or the in-laws killing them brutally. When the dowry death is done by burning the wife, then it is termed as bride burning, which is quite prevalent in remote areas. It is the killing of a family member who brings dishonour and shame upon them. For instance, women are killed if she refuses to enter an arranged marriage, commit adultery, choosing a partner that family disapprove and victim of rape. It takes place in local villages and the northern region of India.

When a girl child is born, she is immediately killed after birth because she is considered as bad omen and burden on the father. A woman is forced to have an abortion if she carries a female foetus inside her womb. In India, having a son means getting security to the family during old-age and conducting last rites for deceased parents.India is among one of the fifty counties who haven’t outlawed marital rape. Around 20% of men force their wives or partners to have sex. If she refuses, then she is physically tortured and sexually harassed.

Young girls are abducted or sold off by their family members or relatives into prostitution. They are exported to other countries far away from their origin and homeland. It is also termed as domestic abuse, family violence, battering and intimate partner violence. Domestic violence is a kind of abuse by one partner on another in a close relationship such as marriage and dating. It can be subtle or coercive and includes physical, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse.