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Environment Safety and Tree Plantation

Environment Safety

The goal of providing guidance and direction in all phases of the safety program including occupational safety and health, environmental control, chemical safety. Our goal is to promote the industrial hygiene and safety standards and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Task We Do

-Identify and control chemical hazards.
-Monitor and administers hazardous chemical waste disposal program.
-Conduct environmental sampling/monitoring.
-Respond to chemical spills and accidents.
-Investigate complaints related to workplace exposures.
-Conduct training in the use, control and disposal of hazardous chemicals
-Ensure EPA compliance.
-Provide lifting guideline

Planting Trees, Restoring Hope.

Planting trees is a legacy for yourself, a loved one, and the planet.  We plant the right trees in the right places to safeguard biodiversity, protect nature, and fight climate change.Planting the trees has many benefits both to humans and the ecosystem around. Restoration of land by planting trees on road side and vacant lands can create a healthier climate and protect biodiversity. NGO plays a critical role in helping reforestation of the degraded plant by planting the best trees local to a region. If you wish to plant a tree and find no time to do so, donate online for tree plantation. 
– Work with the local authorities in identifying the right place for tree plantation based on survey and site visit.
– Source the local native tree saplings from the right quality nursery.
– Coordinate the tree planting drive with volunteers.
– Create a campaign and brand promotion for corporate, start-ups or for any individual. This will create visibility and also motivate more people to come forward to plant trees. By contributing to planting trees, you are bringing together the entire mankind for a vigorous future secured with trees and good climate to live.