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नारी रत्न सम्मान समारोह – 2022

We have a dynamic and diversified culture celebrating the brilliance of women entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate professionals. Centuries of patriarchal societies and cultures have “taught” women to be powerless. We exist to help women step out of these situations and rise. Although we call ourselves a part of a progressed nation, the inequality faced by ‘the women gender’ cannot be ignored. It is quite visible and obvious that this unevenness has been the result of a prevalent patriarchal approach for over decades now. From the current situation, we can surely conclude that we being on the better side, it is not too difficult for us to dissolve the darker hues in their lives. All we need is a good start! If we are to descant about women and their power, it will be an endlessly, progressing discussion. Today’s women are boundless, elegant, tough, and high-spirited. While this is the case with most determined women, unfortunately, there has been a generous number of those who are underprivileged. 

Bal Yuva Naari Jagriti Manch(BYNJ) realizes this situation and thus, states its mission as, forming a global network of Women, which will help women to interact and exchange ideas. Being a part of a huge network will impart them the knowledge of how to rise above all their limitations.
Our network exists both online and in face-to-face networking events. We are the ones who provide a platform for women’s business network offering you as much power, networking.

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Why Us

BYNJ is a national informal platform working to secure women farmers’ identity and rights in India. They address the status of women farmers in farm suicide families and various issues that women farmers are content with. BYNJ provides support and empowerment to farm suicide affected families for the women to continue with their lives, livelihood, and familial responsivities. By becoming self-reliant. They work towards establishing a sustainable life for women and children. We aim at solving issues related to domestic violence and crime against women. BYNJ also helps women build self-help groups to establish a sustainable livelihood. They have carved a niche for themselves by supporting and redefining the status of women and helping them become self-reliant, self-dependent, and lead a life of self-respect.

Work towards establishing a sustainable life for women and children.

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"A NGO that truely works for the upliftment and betterment of society with its vision of considering children as the future of the country.Great going wish you best of luck ....BYNJ
Sunidhi Chopra
Dwarka,New Delhi
Charity means helping the hapless, the needy and the infirm in whatever way I can. I am particularly impressed with the efficiency of the kitchens and the sincerity of the people manning the units at BYNJ.
Riya Sinha
I’m fortunate to have been part of BYNJ and really happy to see outstanding work done by them. Everyone live their life for themselves, their family, friends and relatives but life is complete if we live for others too.
Akriti Kakkar
Support Executive

Education For Poor and Helpless Children

Our main objective to ensure children in marginalised and vulnerable communities have access to their basic rights especially education, healthcare and protection. The initiative is aimed at creating an enabling environment for children so they may enjoy a childhood all children deserves.BYNJ works with grassroots allies to address issues related to the protection, nutrition and education of children, while supporting rescue and rehabilitation of children who are victims of crime. 

 What children face

  • 1.5 million girls under 18 get married in India each year
  • 6 million children between ages 6-13 are out of school
  • 1 in 20 children die before their 5th birthday
  • 38% are stunted, 21% are wasted, 36% are undernourished among children under 5
  • 10.1 million children in the age group of 5-14 years are engaged in child labour; 56% of them are girl

Women Safety and Rights

Women play a dominant role and were coming out of their veils en-masse. However, it was confined to urban, well to do and elites of this belt.

Women hailing from poorer, slums and even from lower, middle society whether they live in NCT of Delhi and other state were deprived of the benefits and were not able to reap a ripe harvest. There were a number of factors for this backwardness to come out of such and embarrassing situation. BYNJ had taken up various steps to combat this menace. Illiteracy and poverty were two significant factors for this upheaval illiteracy had already been taken care of the legitimate and genuine rights and aspirations were dumped down the drain by men folk. To help women rise and stand shoulder to shoulder with men, BYNJ organized seminars/workshops/conferences both in Delhi, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and informed the women of their legitimate rights, duties and obligations in the modem society.  Experts in the field offered their unfettered help and guidance in the venture. They had the mettle to surge ahead.

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